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Blocks A-E

The southern community’s fortification project has changed the face of the cities in the Gaza strip range of fire. Placing 'residential secure space' floors at the front, renovated neighborhoods that have been neglected for years. New plaster covered the development towns and marble stones hid the stucco walls blocks. Among these wall sequences the air vents stand out like beauty spots on a long block body. As part of the contemporary design they're absorbed in plaster, at times stands out as a statement, and at times forgotten, as just a technical specification to be added. Either way ‘residential secure space’ or air vents transform the architectural space.

This snap shots Isolated the air vents on their walls at Sderot and Netivot, as a part of a wandering-surveying action. Through designed and catalog-like photography the Photoshop processing produces various exposure levels for each photo of a single vent. This is a photography test, 'residential secure space' decker within a catalog color chart.

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